*Do not forget your passport, the number of which you specified earlier in application form. It is very essential because of mandatory passport control on checkpoint at entrance to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

*In the ten-kilometer exclusion zone, in which we spend most of the time, there is not a single store. Therefore, take with you enough drinking water and some snacks, if you refuse lunch or you like to eat during your way.

*The dress code is very important! If you plan your visit to the exclusion zone for a hot season, do not forget to take a shirt with long sleeves. Staying in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in sleeveless shirts (T-shirts also), shorts and in open footware is prohibited!

No, you will pay your trip after taking a seat in a car.
Yes, you can book a tour one or two days before it starts. But if the tour is booked in less than four days, an additional fee will be charged.
The official language of my tours is English.
No, in context of radiation it is not more dangerous, than your travel to any other point on Earth. Even on your long- distant flight you absorb more radiation, than during your travel to the Zone.
If you plan to stay in Ukraine, less than 90 days, you need not visa (for citizens of most countries entrance to Ukraine is visaless- please check the information on the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine). Do not forget your passport only!
Since I conduct private tours, they start from any place convenient for you in the city of Kiev. Beginning of a tour, as a rule, is at 8 a.m.